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    Publicerad av oscar på 7 januari, 2002 vid 20:59

    Mistral DEVIL:
    Length cm 268
    Width cm 100
    Volume 132
    Construction Full Carbon
    Weight tbc
    Rec. sail size 7.5 – 12.5
    Fin North Shore 70, Characteristics:
    Stand on it and feel well – the same as all other Bruce Wylie Shapes too – this is the way to get a top performance at hard races!
    The new Mistral DEVIL is designed specifically to the new Formula Windsurfing rules what is easily to recognise with the first sight – due to the width of 100,4 cm!
    The DEVIL is devoleped to be raced primarily upwind and downwind in the lightest possible wind, but still have the handling abilities to handle winds up to 25 knots as well. With the DEVIL has been realised a totally new concept which will set new marks in the fields of speed and board control!
    By the enormous width of 100,4 cm the DEVIL has enough surface to get into planning extremly early. Furthermore the board gets as much “lift” that board rides higher on the water surface what brings mainly one: top speed!
    Different to many other formula shapes the DEVIL has a constant amount of vee from nose to tail. Set into the xonstant vee is a mild double concave shape with planning rails . The double concave bottom shape improve the performance of the board in many ways: The concaves provide directional tracking as the water flows thru the concaves. The concaves provide lift what is the key to lift the board. Now the board has not to be trimmed “back” any more the result is a higher speed!
    The planning rails also helps get the board trimming out better as they make the board riding higher on the water surface to. Due to the planning rails the DEVIL is easier to ride and to gybe.
    As the DEVIL rides high with the double concave bottom we were able to reduce the amount of rise in the rocker. Naturally with less curve in the rocker the DEVIL gets into planning even earlier and also planning thru the light spots in the wind works perfect! To achieve a top end speed downwind also we put the small cut aways In the tail area. These cut aways mean that there is less lift being produced behind the fin what means that the board is able to trim out much better and brings the DEVIL into new dimensions of speed!
    The rails in the front have lot of tuck to be forgiving during gybing and sailing in bumpy water. In the tail the rails are very sharp to provide a clean release on the windward side. On the leewardside we find the sharp rails in the tail help provide tracking and stability when sailing upwind.
    In the tail the deck is designed for ultimate comfort and full contact of the foot to the board. This is to provide a better feel of the board and allow you to stay fully in control of the board over long periods as your feet will not tire.
    Then onto the deck we have a mild concave again. This mild concave helps to provide end to end stiffness to board. This stiffness enable to make the board as thin as it is!
    Performance – Overview:
    -100,4 cm – enough surface to be the first who gets into planning
    -thru the hughe width the board rides high on the water surface, high on the water surface:
    -the surface of the board in the water is reduce to a minimum without a back trim
    -that causes a higher speed up- and downwind!
    Bottom – double concave:
    -gives the DEVIL a lot of “lift”
    -accellerates the flow of water in the bottom and increases the speed
    -good control even in bumpy water
    Bottom – Planning Rails:
    -this special rails with a width of 5-6 cm enable a perfect lift of the board too
    -bring a lot of speed
    -make the baord easier to control and to gybe
    -avoid a trimming back
    Bottom – Cut Aways:
    -top high end speed downwind
    -reduce the lift behind the fin
    Rails – round in the front:
    -better control at manovres
    -and in bumpy water
    Rails – sharp in the back:
    -clean release on the windward side
    -help provide tracking and stability when sailing upwind
    -top speed performance
    Deck: – concave:
    -stiffness from top to tail
    -enables an extreme thin shape
    -ultimate comfort
    -full contact of the foot to the board
    -feet will not tire even over long periods
    Commercial quantities starting with January 2002 ex BKK and starting with February 2002 ex Molln.

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