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    Publicerad av swe-16 på 7 januari, 2002 vid 13:32

    Everybody wants to know how to go faster and higher upwind. This month, I asked the boss man for the straight scoop on it all…
    The man who knows just about everything there is to know about technique is Phil McGain. Here is what he had to say…

    Upwind technique is very personal like almost everything else in
    windsurfing. There are however some basics that you want to concentrate on no matter how big or small you are. At the end of the day the most important thing is time on the water (TOW). Be on the gear you race on.

    The most important aspects to going fast upwind
    • keep the body weight low and forward. This way you can keep control and powerful when you get hit with the gust.

    • Keep the rig as upright as possible.

    • Stay sheeted in with the sail on the deck, pushing hard on the back leg driving the board into the wind. If need be move the backhand further back in the gusts.

    • Keep the board flat.
    • With your front foot, you want to concentrate on pulling your toes up to keep the board trimming on the tail.

    • Keep your speed, because without speed you can’t point. Sail trim is important here, back off the outhaul for maximum power. If you get overpowered in the gusts reach back for the outhaul and flatten the sail slightly. Don’t forget to let the outhaul back out when the gust passes you. Recently at the World Championships in Brazil, Kev and I used this technique extensively because of the gusty winds. Other places like Maui you need very little adjustment upwind.

    You really need to be completely overpowered to go upwind very fast. Don’t be afraid to use a big sail and flatten it to go upwind, because you will need the extra power to go deep downwind. You need a board that is comfortable to ride, because when you are comfortable and in control you can push your equipment to the limit.


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