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  • oscar

    19 december, 2001 vid 15:00

    Detta diskuterades lite med Scott McKercher och Rush Randle på starboards forum. “Ask our Team” leta lite där.

  • anonym-anvandare

    20 december, 2001 vid 07:46

    11/7/2001 2:24:41 AM
    Hi Marcus
    Push Loops are actually pretty easy once you get your mind around them
    The thing is to forget how to back loop as that just messes you up.
    Basically, as you hit a ramp, you want to throw everything directly over the top of you, you don’t look over your shoulder say in a back loop, but straight back.
    Before you hit the ramp, you should also bear off a bit. You are’nt trying to go into the wind.
    The main thing to try and achieve is the flip sensation, and once you get that you got it..
    Try to visualise the board going directly over the top of you.
    Hope this helps
    scott ()

    11/8/2001 12:35:17 AM
    Aloha Marcus,
    Well lets see if I can help in any way.
    For all different types of bodies and agility the push loop will be a bit different for each but the look and sensation will be the same. I had a difficult time learning them because I was still using the back loop aproach and like Scott said forget how to back loop!
    For me I use the same ramp as a back loop but thats it. I initiate the push loop by leaving the wave and going into a gainer”forward motion back flip”. By throwing my head back and pulling my knees to my chest this keeps my arms straight on the way up. The initiation is the key because if you do it in one motion by the time you get to the top of the loop you are on top of the sail looking through it at the water. Once here I keep my back arm stiff and try to resist the pressure of the clew comming back into me. With my front arm resisting a bit at the top but then bringing it towards my front shoulder, how fast I bring my front arm in dictates the speed of the rotation.
    Frome here on down its a mater of keeping your feet under you while pulling in on both hands like after a tadle top jump.
    Well hope this helps and if you have any other ? let us know.
    Now get out there and fly like a bird but try not to land like a stone!
    Rush ()

    11/9/2001 8:14:13 AM
    RUSH your the king !!!

    11/9/2001 6:15:28 PM
    Thanks very much Rush and Scott,
    this sunday I will go sailing….. hope to give you good news on monday
    marcus ()

    11/12/2001 2:17:11 PM
    I tried it,
    wind 15-20 knots and waves 0.5-0.8 meter.
    I beared off the wind a bit, jumped, looked straight back, knees to my chest and arms straight up.
    But I never felt over the equipment, maybe the waves were too small?
    Just once I was really up, but I didnt know when to start pushing.
    When do I straighten my amrs, just after jumping or when I am high?
    I will try it Thursday, that the waves are supposed to be 1-1.5m.
    Hope to not bother you with more questions…

    11/13/2001 2:22:51 AM
    Just keep trying.
    It took me ages.
    Initiate it right from the beginning as you go up the wave.
    Big waves aren’t really necassary, they just got to be steep
    I find it pretty hard to describe what it was that suddenly allowed me to do them, but when you get it you’ll be so stoked.
    Just go for it.
    scott ()

    11/13/2001 1:56:43 PM
    It takes a few days of trying!
    For me it was a few weeks to get it down.
    The smaller the surf the faster you need to rotate.
    The bigger the surf the slower you need to rotate or you will end up over rotating. Remember that as soon as you leave the wave head into the wind like a back loop but push out with your back arm to stop the sails rotation and you will rotate around the sail. The key is to get around and on top of the sail on the way up. If you waight till you are way up to push then the spin rotation will not let you rotate around,you will just stop in the air and land on the top of the sail with the booms in your chest. The push loop is the easiest loop of them all and after a few days of attemps you will get it and you will wonder why it took so long. Just forget about the back loop style.
    Let me know if this helps.
    Rush (

    11/15/2001 2:22:19 AM
    Thank you once again Scott and Rush,
    you guys are the best!!!!!
    I will have more patience…
    Hope to give you good news after this weekend

  • anonym-anvandare

    20 december, 2001 vid 08:50

    jag har provat ett par gånger men ej lyckats riktigt..antingen har det blivit konstiga bakåtloopar eller så har jag inte kommit runt riktigt och landat på bommen. eller så har toppen på masten gått i jag har fallit rakt ner. jag är dock riktigt sugen på att lära mig..glad för alla tips jag kan få

  • anonym-anvandare

    29 december, 2001 vid 21:07

    Jag har studerat hur olika personer gör på video, men det verkar som att alla gör olika. En del går rakt över och en del går mer in i vinden, jag fattar fortfarande inte riktigt hur man får till den där knycken så att man kommer runt.

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