Kauli Seadi till Hot Sails Maui

Silly Season har börjat

Kauli Seadi har länge varit en av de mest surfiga vindsurfarna och han var också varit väldigt delaktig i utvecklingen av fyrfeniga brädor och fyrlattiga segel hos Naish, JP och Neil Pryde. Nu har Hot Sails Maui lagt vantarna på brasiliaren! Riktigt spännande och vi ser fram emot vad samarbetet mellan Kauli och Hot kan resultera i för spännande produkter.

Hela pressreleasen:

Hot Sails Maui

Press Release For Immediate Release

17th January 2013

Kauli Joins Hot Sails Maui

Hot Sails Maui is pleased to announce former World Wave Champion Kauli Seadi
BRA 253 has joined our team with immediate effect.

Kauli joins the innovative Hawaiian brand at a time when development is at its
fastest pace in years and he will immediately be working closely with our renowned
and talented designers Jeffrey Henderson & Tom Hammerton in Maui. Together
Kauli and the team aim to further develop the wave range in the coming months and
subsequent seasons. Kauli is well known as an innovator himself and working with
Hot Sails Maui will be a perfect fit. The addition of Kauli to this closely knit team,
will generate fresh ideas and give a new energy to all in the Hot Sails Maui Ohana

Hot Sails Maui has been gaining a lot of attention recently with products including
the Firelight, the SuperFreak Maui Ed. and most recently the QU4D, which all
stand out from the crowd on the water for their innovative designs and exceptional

Kauli is stoked to have Hot Sails Maui support his new project ‘My Dream Tour’
with the aim of inspiring others to travel, dream, and share our wonderful sport
with new friends and in new places. The first project on his agenda is his Gostoso
adventure, which you will be hearing far more about in the coming weeks and
subsequent interviews. With this new move Kauli plans to scale back his PWA
appearances in 2013 only competing in waves events with surfing style conditions.

In the months ahead Kauli, Jeff, Tom and the team at Hot Sails Maui will be focused
on developing new and exciting products which will push your sailing further than
ever before.


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