Mast under ett kilo

Ytterligare en tillverkare under ett kilo

Vi fick ett pressmeddelande från MaverX. De är nu tillsammans med North de enda tillverkarna av en 400-mast under ett kilo.


X1OOO Superleggero (Super light) RDM 100% Carbon Prepreg

The X1000 Super Leggero raises the bar by which all other masts are judged. The goal was to create a sub 1kilo mast tough enough for the best wave sailors. Reglass, the owners of Maverx, pioneered the introduction of carbon in masts 30 years ago and now we have again decided to raise the standard. This project started with the desire to make a super light mast for freestyle use. We produced some masts using the very latest carbon cloths available, carbon technology is forever improving and adapting and while expensive there are some very good new carbon fibers now on the market. The light weight test masts were given to some very skilled but destructive sailors on the Canary Islands.

We said “remember this is a freestyle mast, don’t wave sail with it” but once they had tried the masts they didn’t want to use anything else so inevitably the masts were used in some heavy wave conditions. A couple broke but no more so than other brands at the same time so we worked at increasing the strength as it was obvious that once you have one of these masts you will use it all the time. So we have increased the strength to be similar to our other ranges ie. as strong as you can get. The new masts were then tested again.

This time they were just handed to some of our PWA wave sailors competing at this years events at Pozo and El Medano but this time we just said “use them” which they did without a single breakage – the X1000 Superleggero was born. Combine one of these masts with one of the new light weight wave sails and you will be astounded at how good your rig will feel and as a result how good your sailing will feel.

We would like to say this is a “pro level” mast but professional sailors have to use what they are given and the new X1000 is so much more than a Pro mast.

While it allows skilled sailors to push their boundaries even further the mast will be appreciated by anyone who uses it and in some ways weight is even more an important issue with female sailors.

How can such a light mast be so strong? You can thank the very latest developments in carbon cloth for that. Obviously there is not a lot to these masts so to ensure they give years of service in the toughest sailing conditions you need to take a bit more care with them off the water – the masts are supplied in padded bags to ensure many years of hard use.


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